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About Our Team

     FRC Team 1080 Resurgence Robotics is a community-based team in Richmond, VA.  Our team home is the Chesterfield Tech Center Hull (CTC Hull) where we mentor CTC Hull’s school-based rookie FRC team, 7429 Convergence. Students work side by side with professional engineers who provide mentorship and support throughout the season. Though the mentors guide the students, we value a student driven team. Kids are always involved in important decision making and encouraged to learn through experience. All those with interest in participating are welcome!


     Two teams working out of the same space allows shared mentorship, joint collaboration on ideas and robot design, and cultivates opportunities to learn and grow together. While the two teams retain their own identities and compete under their own name and team numbers, we work closely throughout the creative processes of designing and building the robot. Final robot assembly, electrical control systems, and programming are opportunities for the two distinct teams to make their own changes and interpretations unique to them.


    This results in incredible machines that are competitive on a national scale. More importantly, students move on from the team with real life skills and start college knowing what it means to be part of a successful team.  We are very proud that alumni from our team have gone on to receive full scholarships to engineering schools around the country. For these reasons, we fully believe in our team slogan, "Our robot teaches us", because it truly does in ways that we will continue to appreciate for years to come!

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