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Meet our robots!

 HYPATIA - 2018 PowerUp bot!


   For the 2018 PowerUP season we named the robot, Hypatia, after the Egyptian philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician.

  Hypatia's Design


-The drivetrain is an 8-wheel chain drive with 2 drop center wheels and 4 CIM motors. The robot moves at 13.5 FPS at full speed. The robot can lose any chain and continue functioning during a match.

 -The lift is a two-flight cascading elevator with  At its full height the elevator is 86”. 

 -The cube manipulator is a 4-wheel intake system with 2 pneumatically actuated arms that hold the cube securely and retrieve it from any direction.


-During autonomous period the robot can travel over the mobility line and score the switch from left, right, and center. It can also take the scale from either right or left.

GINGER - 2017 Steamworks bot!

   For the 2017 Steamworks season, our robot, Ginger, was named after our then lead driver who is a redhead. We name our robots after females in the STEM field that inspire us.


   Ginger's Design


     - The drivetrain is a west coast drivetrain (WCD) with a total of 4 motors that allow the robot to move at 14 FPS.

    - The intake system consists of a pneumatically controlled funnel that retrieves gears from the feeder station, and a pneumatic clamp that can deliver gears onto the peg and  pick them up from the floor.


    - The climber allows for a 4 second climb 


    -During autonomous period the robot can run in 3 different modes, peg center, peg left, and peg right.

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